“Experience our studio, where strength, fitness, and well-being flow as freely as smiles and friendships.”

Colleen Dachille, owner and Pilates enthusiast!

Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness specializes in the Classical Pilates method. We are located in McMurray PA near the intersection of East McMurray and Valley Brook Roads.

We are a studio specializing in Classical Pilates, emphasizing stability, correct and balanced muscular alignment, as well as concentration on smooth, flowing movement. Offering private lessons, very small class sizes and specially priced introductory offers, we make it easy to get started. We believe in exercise diversity, highly-educated and certified instructors, personal attention and of course, a welcoming and positive environment where the conversation, smiles, and laughter synchronize with heart rates and movement.

Local Cable Channel Program features Pilates at Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness

Kerri Burk talks with Colleen Dachille, Owner, Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness & Melissa Pintar, Director of Nutritional Services, Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness about pilates on this episode of “Here It Is with Kerri Burk” which was recorded on location on January 24, 2019.



Specializing in Classical Pilates, Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness offers both small classes and private lessons.


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Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

Joseph Pilates


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What our clients are saying…

“Did my first classic Pilates class at Valleybrook. The instructor Christin Lukondi was patient and masterful. Her coaching cues are gentle, stern ( in a positive way) and very informative. This studio is a hidden gem, that I selfishly want to remain hidden. I will be back to try the rebounding and Barre classes”

Richard B.

“I have been a client of Valleybrook Pilates and Fitness since its beginning and would not consider any other Pilates studio in the Pittsburgh area. The attractive new studio and its wide array of equipment and accessories, combined with Colleen Dachille’s cadre of skilled instructors, make for an unsurpassed training experience.”


“I am very happy to learn and practice Pilates at Valleybrook.  I have been attending classes 2-3 times weekly for several years; teachers are of the highest caliber–impressive expertise, always pleasant, encouraging, and personable.  While Pilates is challenging, the teachers (and I say “teachers” because they do teach, not merely instruct) pay close attention to the individual’s needs and limitations.  The studio is bright and inviting–and immaculate!  Colleen, the owner is always welcoming and, again, personable.”

Jamie T

“Prior to starting here almost a year ago, I had never taken group fitness classes – I was always way too intimidated. However, I was intrigued by the class line up & finally got up the courage to give it a try. I started with a Barre/Pilates class – I was shocked at how hard (in a good way) a low impact workout could be & left feeling strong, energized & super sweaty. Then I added the Rebounding Classes – OMG these are so much fun – seriously a complete stress reliever because you are focusing so hard on not falling off (it’s completely safe, I go all the time & have never fallen off nor seen anyone fall off) that you’re completely focused on your workout & the stress of the day just melts (along with your fat cells)!”

Amy B

“After years of not moving as much as I used to due family and work obligations, a back strain and fracture of my foot/ankle, Pilate’s and Fitness Training has gotten me back on track. My back, knees and weight are doing what they should be doing…improving! Actually have to say I look forward to my sessions!”

Gail V

“Clean, friendly and welcoming environment – especially for new people who have never tried this type of fitness class. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and keep the classes refreshed, energized and challenging. Highly recommend. :)”


“I always thought pilates was hard, and only very fit and flexible people could do it. A friend convinced me to give it a try and I am so happy I did. Challenging yes, but it really focuses on what is most important to being active and healthy. No jumping around or excruciating working, just focused and targeted at my abs, which I really need. can’t wait to do more.”

Debbie R

“I have been going to The Pilates Body [now Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness] for a year. My body has completely transformed and I am a true believer in the method. It really works! I have developed long, lean, toned muscles and have never felt fitter in my life. By trusting in the method and progressively working through and learning the moves you get stronger and advance your abilities over time. It also helps you unwind and decompress from life’s daily stresses. It is one hour of “me” time to focus on your health and wellbeing. The instructors really care about you and assist you in getting the best workout for you. The other clients are supportive and make the classes fun. It truly is a non intimidating environment.”


“I just tried the classes at the Pilates Body [now Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness] and was so impressed with the instructor. She was very knowledgeable about exercise and how to move my body in the best way to improve my core strength. I couldn’t believe the things she was able to see about my where my spine was, ribs, pelvis and how to do it the right way. I have had back pain for years and have done pilates where I used to live in Philadelphia, and it helped so much. I will be trying more of their classes. Everybody is very friendly and they made me feel very comfortable.”

Benjamin N.

“The Pilates Body [now Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness] is great! I have been attending sessions for nearly 2 years there and I just love my instructor. Pilates has helped me with my posture, balance, stamina, and overall well-being. The instructors are all knowledgeable and can adjust a session according to your needs. I would highly recommend the Pilates Body to anyone who is looking to get fit and stay fit.”

Lori K.

“Using Pilates has really helped me to overcome some balance and coordination deficiencies due to a neurological medical condition. [Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness] instructors work on a specific plan of action for me each week and the progress I have made has been remarkable! The studio is very accommodating and flexible with classes and lessons, and their certified instructors are top notch (and, the studio is beautiful)!!”


“Valleybrook offers a boutique fitness experience that will challenge you & help you sculpt the body you want & all the instructors are extremely kind, supportive & welcoming = no intimidation factor whatsoever.”

Amy B