classes at valleybrook pilates

At Valley Brook Pilates we put our focus on you! We designed our studio to accommodate small group classes providing individualized attention and reducing the risk of injury.

Our Pilates instructors are comprehensively certified in Classical Pilates, or are in training to complete the process (which is a 600-hour program plus a written and practical test out).

We work closely with you, modifying workouts around your fitness level and any limitations you may have, moving you towards a goal of better health. Exercise as it should be.

All of our classes are fun and informal and are designed to foster a welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere for all individuals regardless of ability, fitness level, and experience.  You will leave with a feeling of participating in a community focused on health, wellness, and fitness.

Questions? Please contact us at 412-997-0521 for answers to all your questions about our studio and our Pilates classes.

pilates basics

The most popular of all Pilates classes offering Joseph Pilates’ classical instruction and principals. Detailed, controlled movements in this class improve flexibility, builds strength, and develop control and endurance throughout your body. Emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. We look forward to the positive changes your body will feel immediately after this class.
At Valleybrook Pilates, this basics class includes the use of the Reformer! This class is perfect for those new and experienced looking to deepen their practice of the Classical Pilates Method. Be prepared to focus on the “core” fundamentals and move and learn!

pilates equipment level 1

Build a strong, flexible, toned body without the bulk or high-impact! At Valleybrook Pilates, all class levels use the equipment. At Valleybrook Pilates, our Level 1 Pilates offers a full-body workout and includes the use of all equipment, including the Reformer, Tower, Chair, and mat. The equipment utilizes spring controlled resistance to build core strength, increase flexibility, endurance, and coordination. This level one class is paced to build a strong foundation of knowledge, form, and understanding of each exercise for your Pilates journey. 

pilates equipment level 2

This Pilates class is designed for the client that is ready to expand on the foundations developed from taking Level 1 Pilates classes. The classes will move at a faster pace and assume you understand basic cueing and technique. Minimal breaks will be taken during class.  A full-body workout with flow and precision will be emphasized while rotating through a variety of equipment and props. A moderate level of proficiency is recommended. This class is not appropriate for beginners.

pilates equipment level 3

This class will incorporate the use of various Pilates equipment including the reformer, tower, chair, barrel, and other apparatus structures. A moderately paced full body workout that will strengthen your overall core stability and control, while challenging all major muscle groups. This class will focus on intermediate to advanced level exercises to progress your practice of classical Pilates. It is designed for students with sufficient experience in Pilates equipment and requires a firm understanding of core stability and control to ensure safety.

* This is the most advanced class on our schedule and requires experience and a high level of knowledge to participate. Please email or call the studio before registering for the first time.

pilates equipment open level

This equipment class will keep you moving to cover the bases of the classical reformer exercises combined with flow and precision. As an open-level class, the instructor will modify the routine to simplify or intensify exercises based on the ability and experience of the students in the class. Some prior equipment experience is required.




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