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Local Cable Channel Program features Pilates at Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness

Kerri Burk talks with Colleen Dachille, Owner, Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness & Melissa Pintar, Director of Nutritional Services, Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness about pilates on this episode of “Here It Is with Kerri Burk” which was recorded on location on January 24, 2019.

Nutritionist, Melissa Pintar & Nutrigenomix Services Mentioned in Web-based Talk Show 

Valleybrook Pilates & Fitness Nutritionist, Melissa Pintar, offers Nutrigenomix testing and nutritional counseling in our McMurray, PA facility.

Back to school provides an opportunity for healthy eating

This time of year, parents scramble to buy pencils, notebooks and binders. But one of the most important supplies parents will buy this school year could be a lunch box.

Nutritional Needs for Seniors

Whether you’re 25 or 65, you aim to live a healthy lifestyle, one that includes eating right and getting daily activity. But as we age, our bodies begin to change and may demand additional adherence to nutritional care. With a little knowledge, however, you can give your body a lot of love.

What Your Genes Want You to Eat

By analyzing your DNA and applying the science of nutrigenetics (nutrition + genetics), Melissa Pintar, RD, LDN, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, will give you personalized guidance and recommendations designed to help you reach your health goals, including those related to body weight and food intolerances.

Studio in Peters Township aims to help teens avoid ‘text neck’

“Technology basically is wreaking havoc on our posture, not only cellphones and tablets, but sitting all day at your computer and even things like driving,” Colleen Dachille, owner of The Pilates Body in Peters Township, said.